Affordable, no frills hosting.

Verlax Hosting provides affordable hosting for everyone.
We try our best to provide the most simple hosting experience you can have.

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What we are and what we're not.

Humanity at our core

We believe in human values and apply them to our services,
aiming to give you a more than acceptable standard of service.

One-man show

Verlax Hosting is run by a one person team.
Still, it is our promise that we will try to give you our best. 


We'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have,
and promise to be 100% transparent with you as a client. 

Hosting solution startup

We are not a professional hosting company.
Instead, we are a startup that sells hosting solutions.

Pricing for the masses

Our pricing plan is simple and affordable for everyone, and we aim to provide you a bang-for-buck experience.

Service level agreements

We do not provide SLAs simply due to our size.
However, the modern cloud provides little room for error.




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10 pages

1 month support

7 account seats

10 GB space




50 pages

3 month support

10 account seats

15 GB space




200 pages

10 month support

30 account seats

30 GB space




Limitless pages

3 years support

100 account seats

100 GB space

Verlax Networks

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